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Dance Classes

What's your passion?

At Kaleidoscope Theatre Arts, we can help your child discover their talent. We offer a variety of dance classes to suit all tastes.

We know each child is unique, which is why we offer a full and varied selection of popular dance classes: Kaleidoscope Theatre Arts has a class for everyone.

We're trained to teach to all types of abilities, and can tailor coaching within large groups to suit individual levels of skill. This means we will work with the children on an individual basis, even within bigger classes.

Develop your child's talent

Our expert, professional and fun dance lessons include:

  • Ballet and tap classes, children are accepted from the age of two and three quarters
  • Modern classes, available from the age of four
  • Body Conditioning classes, available from the age of eight
  • Private lessons are available by arrangement
  • Extra coaching for exams
  • Selected pupils are invited to take part in our performing group who take part in festivals
  • The whole school takes part in a large show every two years at The Radlett Centre

Why not take part?

We welcome all abilities and talents so don't be afraid to take part. From beginners to advanced we want you.

All our classes are specifically tailored to the different levels of the children, so their individual abilities are bought into consideration. All classes are taught by experienced, professional dance teachers.


If you are still unsure about you or your child joining Kaleidoscope Theatre Arts then please don't hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your questions.

Dance Classes

We have dance classes to suit all personalities, from tap to Ballet. Call:
01923 350519
07714 333114