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Mill Hill & Edgware

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Senior School Year 7 – Year 13+

Our Senior School caters for all students, whether you are with us for recreational dance and drama, or whether you would love to pursue a career in the dance or drama industry. 

We are extremely fortunate that whilst our team are highly skilled at what they do, they also value inclusivity and positivity, which enables them to create an environment where all students, whatever their aspirations, can thrive.

We welcome new students, no matter what your level of experience or expertise, and our ethos of respect and kindness towards others ensures that everyone feels heard and can be themselves, whilst achieving their goals and thoroughly enjoying their classes.


Tap & Modern


Speech & Drama

Vocational Ballet


Senior School Ballet

Classical ballet is universally recognised as a wonderful base for all other styles of dance, building strength, poise, grace, posture, balance, flexibility, control and co-ordination. Its beautiful, fluid movements are achieved after years of carefully layering the technique and artistry and it is an amazing and fulfilling way of practising mindfulness, focus and self-discipline whilst reducing stress and improving mental well-being.

Senior School Tap & Modern

Tap dance is a fascinating combination of intricate footwork, complex rhythms, and a free and fluid use of the upper body resulting in an exciting and dynamic art form. It uses a wide range of music and has many different styles varying from traditional to contemporary. It is brilliant for enhancing a dancers sense of music, timing and rhythm, challenging the brain with its complex combinations, and is a great cardiovascular workout!

Senior School Acro

Acro is a unique dance form that enables our dancers to seamlessly combine dance with gymnastic elements, which can be especially beautiful in choreography for shows and competitions.  Its hugely beneficial for our dancers to learn Acro alongside their dance genres as it builds amazing core strength, balance and flexibility with the added bonus of being able to perform acrobatic tricks! 

Senior School Speech & Drama

Our Head of Drama is a prize-winning graduate of Central School of Speech & Drama as well as an award-winning playwright and mental health professional. She has specially devised an exciting, imaginative programme which is tailored for each age group and is lots of fun as well as developing your acting techniques and abilities! This uniquely designed programme is adapted for each age group to develop confidence, clear speech, communication, imagination, focus and teamwork, alongside a wide variety of practical performance skills. 

We also offer Small Group Tuition (maximum 4 students) for LAMDA exams in speech and drama. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your child’s level before booking.

Senior School Vocational Ballet

These ballet classes are designed to supplement your grades classes and include pointework (where permission to begin has been granted). They are a great addition for anyone who loves their ballet (whether seeking a dance industry career or not) as they will truly enhance your technique, understanding and ability in this beautiful art form. For the serious dancer they are an absolute must!