Who Are We?


My name is Sue Price (Miss Sue to all the students and some of the parents too!) and I’m delighted to welcome you to Kaleidoscope Theatre Arts!

Here you can experience a wide variety of classes with the emphasis being on quality teaching in a friendly, motivated atmosphere that is accessible to everyone regardless of ability.

Students can begin their journey with us from as young as 2 years. They will benefit from a carefully thought out structure which allows each child to progress at the right pace for them, gradually building and developing their skills to achieve their full potential. Our progress pathway can take them right up to university age and beyond.

This may be purely for enjoyment, to keep fit and active, or to boost mental health, or for those who have developed a huge passion for dance and performing arts it may be to ultimately follow a career in the industry. We can support you all the way, whichever your chosen path, and have mentored many students into dance and theatre colleges, and into their careers.

On their journey, our students will have the opportunity to take exams with the RAD and ISTD when appropriate, with higher levels accruing UCAS points. These are not compulsory, but the vast majority of our students love the experience and benefit from chasing a goal. There are performance opportunities both in the local community and in our large scale shows at The Radlett Centre Theatre (everyone’s highlight!). For our teenagers there is also the chance to become a Student Teacher, being mentored by our teaching team and assisting with the younger classes. This is great for team-building, leadership skills and self-esteem as they realise that they are role models to our little ones and can really make a positive difference to their lives!

Students showing excellent attendance and commitment to multiple classes, the desire to strive for their personal best, the confidence to cope with competing, and of course the innate ability to dance and perform may also be offered the chance to join our Competition Team and represent the school in dance and drama festivals, enabling them to further enhance their performing skills.

Our students’ wellbeing is extremely important to us. Positivity and building self-belief underpin everything we do so that they can fully enjoy their classes, celebrate their achievements large or small, and develop their individual potential by learning important life skills as well as technical and artistic skills. We are very proud of our graduates, who grow into mature, thoughtful, talented and vibrant young people with a wonderful array of skills to take them into adulthood!

Core values

  • Nurture
  • Inspire
  • Encourage
  • Positivity
  • Passion
  • Belief